Services & Expertise

Enegis, LLC, offers energy and environmental consulting backed by comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysis and modeling capabilities. We are staffed by knowledgeable experts in the fields of energy and environmental analysis, GIS, land use planning, and economic modeling. We specialize in conducting evaluations of energy resources, environment and energy rationalization, technologies for resource recovery, baseline analyses, scenario modeling, land use planning analyses, and quantitative GIS-based economic analyses.

Our services encompass the development of integrated business solutions at the highest organizational level, complex and non-traditional technical problem-solving, research, and consulting and training on a broad spectrum of environmental and energy topics including oil and gas land use issues, geothermal, coal and biomass.

Enegis provides customized studies and training on a wide array of topics related to oil and gas issues, geothermal, coal and biomass.


Enegis’ strategic analysis and planning services include technology assessment and benefit studies, R&D planning, performance benchmarking, enhanced production, and supply forecasting. These services have enabled our clients to maximize returns on R&D investments, optimize technology implementation, and make long-term strategic decisions based on quantitative analysis of emerging industry trends.


Our clientele includes the private sector, multilateral banks, Wall Street investment banks, the Federal sector, public utilities, national trade associations, and foreign government agencies and ministries.  We provide analytical, technical, and economic consulting services to the private sector, where we have presented studies to top-level executives at energy, technical, and financial companies.  Enegis’ experience is international in scope, and has included projects in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa.

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Enegis provides planning analysis and advice to the U.S. government, environmental stakeholders, industry trade associations and corporations on various strategic issues such as resource availability, technology assessments, impact, and policy analysis.